Ontario’s beautiful Hockley Valley Resort will be a buzz of activity as funeral directors from across Ontario gather for the 136th annual OFSA, AGM & Education Conference.

The conference is taking place on September 23-24–25 just an hour north of Toronto. It offers an education that will more than fulfill your continuing education credits, with many opportunities to connect with old friends or meet those attending for the first time.

This year OFSA will be hosting a speed networking event that will give everyone an opportunity to find out about what is happening in funeral services and keep connected with new trends. 

Come for the education and stay for the dinner at the winery! The view is spectacular!


Due to higher than expected registration, rooms at Hockley Valley Resort are limited

Hotel rooms are available at the Best Western, Orangeville with shuttle service to the Conference and Banquet at Hockley Valley Resort. Availability is limited so

Book online HERE or call the hotel directly at 1-519-941-3311    
CAA discount is available.


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Hockley Valley Resort, a year-round hotel, spa, golf and ski destination. Experience our culinary revolution! Hockley Valley Resort is located one hour north of Toronto, and 45 minutes from Toronto Pearson Airport.

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The Spa at Hockley Valley Resort is at the centre of this 300 acre four season resort. Their 8,000sq. ft. Spa overlooks the rolling hills of Hockley Valley. The Spa has a Cafe, lounges and patio with a stunning view.

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With their award-winning wines, they focus on cool climate Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, making those their principal varietals, followed by: Riesling, Gamay Noir, Cabernet Franc and Vidal.

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Ron DiFrancesco

In 2000, Ron DiFrancesco was working in the Finance industry in the role of Vice President, when he was selected to close the Canadian operation and shift the business to New York City.

In September of 2001, he was leading a fast-paced trading culture consisting of 350 specialized brokers in the South Tower of the World Trade Center.  He never saw the plane before it hit the North tower but when he did, he thought it was pilot error…

MINDFULNESS - the key to resiliency.

Ron shares the story of surviving the 911 terrorist attack in New York city.  How he struggled to overcome survivors guilt and PTSD by focusing on Mindfulness, what he has learned is the key to resiliency.  For Ron, Mindfulness brings you into the moment, the now.  It reminds you to feel grateful, give back to your community and focus on what matters most.  Mindfulness not only makes you more resilient and able to take on any challenge but it also makes you happier. 

Steve Chapelle

Steve has been providing social media behavior education to Ontario organizations since 2006. Prior to that he spent over 20 years in information technology management, analysis and customer service, primarily in the financial services sector. Information management experience has included security, availability and disaster recovery planning. He continues to advance best practices for organizations and individuals through education, public speaking and reputation repair services. 


Objective: Identify risk management considerations and guidelines for social media usage by members of the organization. 

Method: Actual and hypothetical examples of social media-based risks to the organization. Messages are presented via a graphics-rich slide deck and interactive narrative. 


The seminar will examine the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica data harvesting incident from early 2018 along with Facebook's Terms of Service. Other common social media and cyber-related risks to be addressed include phishing, the disgruntled employee, the disgruntled customer and device Location Services. 

This will be followed by a review of motivations and rationalizations for risky social media posting and messaging. Risk mitigation techniques such as technical and behavioural methods and a hierarchy of messaging privacy will also be reviewed. 

The session will conclude by referencing the origin of public relations and the personal responsibility that organization members should be expected to assume for social media usage and policies. 

Melanie Willard, Speaker & Author 

Building Resilience in Front-line Staff.  
What helping professionals are exposed to and experience on the frontlines takes its toll on all aspects of their lives as well as the public they serve.  Sadly, the impact of caring for others and the stressors that accumulate can become very toxic resulting in burnout, illness, short term disability, divorce and compassion fatigue.  The tireless work and selfless sacrifice caregivers provide is often overlooked and underappreciated.  This presentation will educate, inspire and ignite a renewed passion and commitment to a possibly dwindling motivation to serve.  

Melanie’s authentic and candid speaking style delivers more than just information sessions as she weaves her personal life experiences through the material.  With that raw transparency, she has a unique ability to captivate and connect with her audience bringing hope, healing and transformation to her listeners. 

Seminar components: 

  • PTSD, Compassion Fatigue & Burnout: preventions, causes & cures 
  • Self-care practices: tips to recharge and find life balance. 
  • Compassion & Intuition: tools we can’t ignore 
  • How to support one another in times of crisis 
  • What to say, what not to say 
  • Re-humanize yourself 

Patrick Parent, Achieve Centre for Leadership & Workplace Performance

 Patrick has been a leader in the field of residential group homes and treatment foster care for the past 20 years, presently as the owner and Executive Director of a foster/counselling centre. His educational background is in Psychology and his workplace experiences have helped him develop keen insights into the complexities of communication and conflict dynamics. Patrick values workplaces that are open, diverse and inclusive, recognizing that we are all on our personal journey. He believes that understanding and kindness are needed when dealing with people. Patrick's use of humour and genuine enthusiasm for teaching creates an excellent learning environment for participants.

Innovation for Leaders - From Creativity to Delivery
All organizations, from service to industry, must create an environment of innovation if they wish to be successful. Innovation does not start with hiring more imaginative people, but rather by fostering an environment that allows creativity and innovation to happen, and where contributions can come from anyone. This workshop provides practical strategies for stimulating and channeling creativity and innovation into organizational productivity. Participants will learn how to generate good ideas, identify which ones to pursue, and implement them effectively.

Some of the Topics Reviewed

  • The Importance of Innovation
  • The Innovation Process
  • Creating an Innovative Workplace
  • What’s Next? Getting Creative
  • Having Conversations About Ideas
  • Filtering Ideas
  • Implementing Ideas
  • Working Through Problems – Keep Working

NEW! Speed Networking Event


Joanne Jonovich,
President OFSA

Carey Smith,
Registrar BAO

Michelle Clarke,
Program Co-ordinator | Funeral Service Education Program

Camille Lemieux, 
Professeur / Coordonnateur College Boreal

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